Scavenger Hunt

At the bottom of this page you will find two PDF files. The "Scavenger Hunt" file allows you to easily print the questions you see below (this does not need to be printed and will not be returned to me). The "Answer Sheet" file needs to be printed, completed, and returned to me by Monday, August 24th. If you are having trouble printing, you can send the answers as an email or just ask me for a copy. Please be sure to email me and sign up for text updates (information is below).

Mr. Merrill’s Website Scavenger Hunt

    This assignment is to be completed by the parent/guardian of my students (NOT BY THE STUDENT). Follow the directions below, and answer any questions. Your child will receive homework credit for this assignment, and it will be due by Monday, August 24th.

A.      Email me at for extra credit! Please write your child’s name in the subject line of the email. That way I can easily connect the email with the student.

B.      This year I will be using to send you daily class information by text or email. It is free and very easy to sign up:

·         Text @mathmrm to 81010 [you can also use (661) 430-0457]

·         You will be sent a confirmation text. Be sure to name me as a contact, so you know                 who is sending you the text updates.

Click here for more info----> Signup

Click the link on the left side of the home page that says Parent Letter. Read the parent letter and answer these questions:

1.      What are the three parts that make up your child’s grade?

2.      What percentage are tests worth in my class?

3.      What percentage of your child’s overall grade is based on their responsibility towards their                             homework assignments and student planner?

4.      What is the web address for your child’s textbook?

5.      Does your child need to bring their textbook to school each day?

6.      How often will you receive a grade report from Mr. Merrill this year?

7.      When is Mr. Merrill's conference time?

Click on the link on the left side of this page that says Classroom Procedures, and answer these questions:

8.       Name two advantages for your child using a steno pad.

9.       When is Homework Club?

10.     What day do I collect homework assignments?

11.     Are there make-ups for a student planner grade?

12.    Can a student retake a test or quiz?

13.    What is the penalty for a late assignment?

14.    How many grade reports will you get from me and Shadow Hills this year?

15.    On what day do I post weekly grades on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal?

Click on the link on the left side of this page that says either Common Core Math Assignments, and answer the following question:

16.    What is the first assignment listed in the 1st semester and when is it due? (Remember this is updated             daily!)

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